Founders Welcome

Welcome To the Stepping Stones Elementary

We founded The stepping Stones Elementary School on the principle of EMBRACING EXCELLENCE

At face value, this seems like an ordinary statement but it has a surprisingly modern spirit. Its sentiment is that we should all explore the height of our potential. We are privileged as educators to have the opportunity to instil this principle in our pupils. We hope to impart a modern education that aligns to the Kenyan curriculum, that will prepare our beloved children for the next stage of their education.

Boarding Life

Home Away From Home

The boarding school enables us to have more time with our children. We have created a homely environment for all pupils where they can enjoy the benefits of interacting with the teachers throughout their term time, while still enjoying the best home-like boarding facilities we can offer. We boast separate dormitories for the boys and girls, each led by their own patrons/matrons, who ensure the children have a parental figure to interact with and to care for them.


What happens outside the classroom ...

A variety of activities and clubs are enjoyed by the children, who have potential in many different areas. Pre-covid stepping stones had children participating nationally in the Music festivals, Drama festivals, French competitions and subject-based decathlons just to mention a few.


Start Your journey with us, send your inquiry!

We know we know how hard it is to find the information you need on the go. That is why we have created a way for you to get in touch with the school office, as well as a few other designated responders, to answer your queries. Please feel free to ask us your questions through the forms below. We will respond to you as soon as possible.


Financial support

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