The Stepping Stones Elementary School

Who we are:

Early learning is the foundation for all young children to develop lifelong skills. It is the time in a young child's life when they can grow excitement for learning, which we hope would continue throughout their school life.

Ten years ago, we established The Stepping Stones Elementary School (TSSES), Kitengela, which has successfully run for the past ten years. The school has a population of eight hundred students and one hundred members of staff. With reference to the Kenyan curriculum, we feel we have achieved promising steps towards our growth and feel that we ready to expand our horizons. The opportunity to extend the experience and philosophy of TSSES to a new school in such a dynamic, fast-growing, high-class region like Habitat Heights is indeed hard to resist. By focusing exclusively on this age group, we can deliver the curriculum and build a team of specialist educators to cater to the needs of learners between age two and age seven who are our top priority. We will provide a safe and secure service while providing parents with an excellent facility where their children will be well taken care of.

From this level, the learners will be able to progress into other British Curriculum schools within our locality. If they choose other curricular, they have the option of continuing at our school TSSES which is also in the locality.

At the Stepping Stones Elementary school, we realize our pupil's futures rest in our hands. We provide them with a safe and secure environment that encourages them to realize their full potential. for us, it is vital to prepare our pupils to excel and flourish beyond Stepping Stones school. We have transited to the CBC(Competency Based Curriculum) from the Kindergarten (Pre-primary years) to lower primary (Grade 1-3).

The stepping stones is definitely the school I was looking for! My children have grown in discipline and are becoming the young leaders of the future!